Early baroque
Tabor pipes

Descant in f'''
Original - Tartu, Estonia

Fingering chart

Descant in d'' and c''
Original - Elblag, Poland

Fingering chart
  Pedro Novaes     
  Annette Bauer(recorder)&Tim Rayborn(harp)
  Antonio Torralba, ensemble "Aquel Trovar"
  Annette Bauer(recorder)&Peter Maund(riqq)     

6-holes descant in d'' and c''

This model is derived from different traditional duct flutes.
     Michel Keustermans, ensemble "La Cetra d'Orfeo", "Lilibulero" from the CD "Lavender's Blue" - Eole
  Norbert Rodenkirchen, from the CD "Hameln Anno 1284"      Igor Lissov

Treble in g' and f'
Cylindrical recorders with Ganassi fingering.
  Pedro Novaes, ensemble " Codex Sanctissima"
  ensemble " Codex Sanctissima"
  Ekaterina Bonfeld, ensemble "Laterna Magica"

Tenor in d' and c'
Original - Rafi, Bologna

  Annette Bauer     
  Conrad Steinmann, ensemble "diferencias"
  Conrad Steinmann, Bulgarisches Volkslied
  Conrad Steinmann
  Antonio Torralba, ensemble "Aquel Trovar"

Double recorder in d'' and c''

Right flute: c - d - e - f - g - a.     Left flute: f - g - a - h - c' - d' .
Semitones are possible.

  Marie Verstraete     
  Jessica Baran-Surel     
  Ekaterina Bonfeld, ensemble "Laterna Magica"

Pythagorean or meantone temperament, pitch 440 or 466.
Timbers - maple, pearwood, plumwood, apricotwood, hawthorn.